Victor Malmström

Victor Malmström

Victor was nominated to the Finnish Alpine Skiing Team in the spring of 2010. Victor has been skiing actively since 1994…

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Hi all. Not a sound of here on my website for a while… Everything is going well. I am more on my facebook page now. Follow my actions there and be updatet of the latest news!

Here is a nice video from last weekend!

Ski expo training video


Season Summary!

In the beginning of this season I started out with doing a few runs a day and taking things really slowly. I was listening to my knee and doing what it tells me. Until the first races I didn’t ski with 100% power in training. Just one week before my first race in Levi World cup I started to push in my training runs.

This season for me was a really important regarding the Olympics. I didn’t expect things to go so good as they did. People might think why I didn’t get any points in World Cup or why I skied so many times out? Well simply I am not a freaking machine. It’s really rare to se one guy come back from two knee injuries and be starting the season with 23 FIS points in GS and score points in World cup. No this is not how it works. At least for me I will take my time to conquer the top. I started my season with 23 points and now I finished with 6.04. I think that is pretty good. My goals for this season, as a comeback season I had putted to make some good results in February not winning world cups but ski on a good level. My goals changed a little bit after my first win in the Europa cup but still my main goal was in EC races. And I managed to succeed pretty good despite I skied out a few times and made huge mistakes. That stuff just happens sometimes.

People might have wondered why I haven’t skied so much slalom this season after Christmas. The reason is my knee. Before Christmas we were training in Alta Badia and I crashed there. I tore my meniscus. This means that I can ski with my knee like this BUT it is not comfortable and it is hurting all the time. In December before new years it was still okay, but after that it has been a pain in the ass. My only dryland training during 3 months has been biking and core muscles. Next season I will be skiing more slalom and trying to break there aswell.

In Garmisch Partenkirchen I hurt my knee even more. Until the first roll everything was okay but I made a small mistake and I could feel my knee screaming. I continued despite that it felt like I had a knife in my meniscus while skiing. But not for long just a small hit on the knee and I had to stop…

This sounds like I am explaining a lot, but now you know why I haven’t been writing here because I am not good on keeping secrets. So what all of this means that I had surgery yesterday on my meniscus. My doctor Eero Hyvärinen got all fixed and I am already walking this week normally. This is a small procedure but I didn’t want to do it during the season. There were too many risks involved and I wanted to finish the season.

Well the plan for now is to recover from this small operation and get back to start on the summer trainings. I will take a two weeks holiday in Singapore and Bali on 17.4. And after that there are no more holidays! Only sweat, tears and blood are on my schedule this summer. We will make me big as a freaking HULK! BIGGER, Stronger, FASTER. I will for shore hate every minute of those trainings but I will LOVE the results. This is what I live for and want to do, so I will do everything to achieve my goals.


Pics off the season


Sochi Second in the GS overall!

Hi all!

Sorry for no posts in a while. I have been struggling on wether to post or not. I have just had so much in my mind over the last 3 months. I will tell you more on those issues in my next blog update on the review off the season. But now I will open for you this race here in Russia, Sochi!

Well the main point for to this race was to defend my leading position in the overall GS cup. I managed to fail on that due to a huge mistake I made in the first run after 30 seconds of skiing. I was in the lead by the first split, but on the second I was already 6 seconds out. I hade som luck tough, I ended up 28th after the first run. On the second I managed to pull myself together and land on a decent run. I made some mistakes but I was with almost 1 second the fastest on the second run. In the end I got the 14th place which is not a bad recovery from my first run.

After I finished the first run I thought this was over.. I wouldn’t be in top 30 and couldn’t fight for the standings in the overall cup. But luckily everything changed. I could still effect on the second place with my skiing and I made it! Just with two points I beat the third guy who was fighting for the win. Before this race top-3 was really close, I was leading and two guys was just 25 points behind me. So anything could happen. I am obviously more satisfied with the second place than I would have been with the third.

But this season was still okay, I started to the first race with number 70 and I ended up second in the overall GS. It’s not a bad comeback from two knee injuries. I got my 6 FIS points what I wanted so I will start the whole next season with number 31-35 in the worldcup. I blew away myself and I think I blew quite many others minds aswell. Who would of thought that Victor Malmström would be such a hard ass! Well this is a result off good team effort and excellent rehabilitation! But now for some relaxation and I will be back with you guys next week off what’s going to happen next week with me.

Thanks for all the support during the season. The most important help is my sponsors who believes in me and my talents. I am more than greatefull to have them.

Thank you CARGOTEC!!!


Thank you FINANCE LINK!!!

Without you I would off not have been as good as I am today! Thank you for all your support!

The finish area

My excellent serviceguy Robi measuring the skis to fit the FIS rules,

Super-G day was fun!



First Eurooppa-cup WIN!!!

Long time since my last update. But now I have more than good news to share with you. I won my first GS Eurooppa-cup race. If you would have asked me one month ago could I have expected this to happen, I would of had said ”no way”. All of the camps until november I have just been getting back on skies and the feeling of the snow,boots and new equipment. I haven’t been able to ski full days on the glaciers because of my knee. I can truly say once you learned how to bicycle you will never forget how to do it. This november I could for the first time ski 100% runs on trainings. I couldn’t ski many runs but enough for me to keep getting better on my teqhnique. Before the fis race I had huge back problems I did only one training after the Levi World cup slalom race. So what I am trying to say, this win came out of the blue for me.

On wednesday was the firs EC race. I started with number 70 and I did a mistake on the steep but still managed to stay on the course and my position was fifth. Second run was pretty okay despite my first turns on the steep, which were awful. I finished fifth on the race with bib 70 is pretty good and only 0.04 s/100 behind the winner.

Yesterday I had a huge improvement with my bib number, I had Nr. four. It’s much easier to start the race with four than 70 I can tell you that… The first course was really turny from the first gate until the finnish. I thought I sucked when I skied, it was so slow speed but apparently everybody else had the same feeling. I was leading with 0.03 s/100 before Calle Lindh my Swedish friend. Second run was a lot more difficult, because of the warm weather so the surface wasn’t so good anymore. I skied pretty good the top of the slope but on the end of the steep, where I am supposed to take all of the speed with me I made a small mistake. I lost some time there but I mean who cares, I finished and I saw NRO 1 on the board and I yelled like a little boy on christmas morning!!!! I am so happy about result. After all of my difficulties a come back like this is amazing. I can’t put it down on words. This is what I live for. All of the sweat and suffering during training has given me perfect opportunite to be succesfull. This is just the first GS race and a lot to go still so I really need to put my A-game on the upcoming races aswell! Samu finished fourth and Eemeli fifth so our team is stronger than ever!!!

But enough of this. Victor Malmström IS BACK!!!!!!!!

Winning Team!



Preparing for Levi

This is how our team is preparing for Levi World Cup!