Victor was nominated to the Finnish Alpine Skiing Team in the spring of 2010. Victor has been skiing actively since 1994 and he participated in his first competition in 1996 – being 5 years at the time. After this his development has been fast and he has to date achieved over 10 Finnish championships. In 2010 Victor won gold in slalom in the Finnish championship and gold in Giant Slalom in the junior Finnish championships. Other achievements in 2010 were;

  • Swedish Championships – Giant Slalom- 2nd place
  • FIS Austria, Slalom- Hinterstoder 1st place
  • FIS Austria, Slalom – Lackenhof 1st place
  • FIS Austria, Slalom – Hinterstoder 2nd place
  • Europe Cup, Germany, Giant Slalom -Oberjoch 7th place
  • World Junior Championships, France, Giant Slalom-Chamonix 5th place

Victor is in his own age group on the FIS Global list ranked 2nd in slalom and 2nd in giant slalom.

On the Finnish FIS List Victor is ranked 2nd in Slalom

Coaches and Goals

Victor is studying in the Ruka Alpine College since 2007


  • Skiing; Mikko Heiskanen ja Janne Haarala
  • Fitness; Mikko Heiskanen ja Matti Vestman
  • Doctor; Eero Hyvärinen
  • Masseur; Juhani Puumalainen


  • Europe Cup team 2011 (achieved in 2010)
  • World Cup team 2012

The 2010 season will mainly be focusing on Europe Cup competitions. Victor’s goal is to achieve good results, which will enable a smooth transition to the World Cup.


  • Born 1991
  • Length 190 cm
  • Weight 83 kg
  • Skis; Atomic
  • Boots; Atomic
  • Poles; Scott
  • Helmet; Scott
  • Clothes; Halti