Season Summary!

In the beginning of this season I started out with doing a few runs a day and taking things really slowly. I was listening to my knee and doing what it tells me. Until the first races I didn’t ski with 100% power in training. Just one week before my first race in Levi World cup I started to push in my training runs.

This season for me was a really important regarding the Olympics. I didn’t expect things to go so good as they did. People might think why I didn’t get any points in World Cup or why I skied so many times out? Well simply I am not a freaking machine. It’s really rare to se one guy come back from two knee injuries and be starting the season with 23 FIS points in GS and score points in World cup. No this is not how it works. At least for me I will take my time to conquer the top. I started my season with 23 points and now I finished with 6.04. I think that is pretty good. My goals for this season, as a comeback season I had putted to make some good results in February not winning world cups but ski on a good level. My goals changed a little bit after my first win in the Europa cup but still my main goal was in EC races. And I managed to succeed pretty good despite I skied out a few times and made huge mistakes. That stuff just happens sometimes.

People might have wondered why I haven’t skied so much slalom this season after Christmas. The reason is my knee. Before Christmas we were training in Alta Badia and I crashed there. I tore my meniscus. This means that I can ski with my knee like this BUT it is not comfortable and it is hurting all the time. In December before new years it was still okay, but after that it has been a pain in the ass. My only dryland training during 3 months has been biking and core muscles. Next season I will be skiing more slalom and trying to break there aswell.

In Garmisch Partenkirchen I hurt my knee even more. Until the first roll everything was okay but I made a small mistake and I could feel my knee screaming. I continued despite that it felt like I had a knife in my meniscus while skiing. But not for long just a small hit on the knee and I had to stop…

This sounds like I am explaining a lot, but now you know why I haven’t been writing here because I am not good on keeping secrets. So what all of this means that I had surgery yesterday on my meniscus. My doctor Eero Hyvärinen got all fixed and I am already walking this week normally. This is a small procedure but I didn’t want to do it during the season. There were too many risks involved and I wanted to finish the season.

Well the plan for now is to recover from this small operation and get back to start on the summer trainings. I will take a two weeks holiday in Singapore and Bali on 17.4. And after that there are no more holidays! Only sweat, tears and blood are on my schedule this summer. We will make me big as a freaking HULK! BIGGER, Stronger, FASTER. I will for shore hate every minute of those trainings but I will LOVE the results. This is what I live for and want to do, so I will do everything to achieve my goals.


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